I am a Node on the Edge because I cannot claim to have all the answers or a decade long history of experience but I can help to define questions to be solved. Hopefully their is a potential finite set of questions that allow most requirements be solved and my aim is define these with collaboration of the community.
It would be amazing if these questions developed into some kind of NP Complete space where they all referred to one question such in NP Complete Theory or Monty Pythons Holy Grail but that is/maybe asking too much?

Thursday 2 June 2016

Gaming Node: Game Engines

  Construct 2 

  Operating System: Windows 8 

  IDE: Very Simple Application to produce game 

  Tutorial: Many tutorial and easy to get started.    Quality  3/5  Quantity 4/5  
  Size: 102MB

Construct 2
game-makerfree2d3dwebglsoundscollisionsphysics,Aug 19th 2014More Details
2dsoundscollisionsphysicsdebugmap-editor,Jul 28th 2014More Details
EaselJSfree (MIT)
flash-like2dsoundsfree,Feb 1st 2016More Details
Phaserfree (MIT)
flash-like2dsoundscollisionsphysicstypescriptwebglfree,Oct 15th 2015More Details
pixi.jsfree (MIT)
2dwebglfree,Dec 22nd 2015More Details
game-maker2dsoundscollisionsphysicsdebugmap-editor,Aug 8th 2014More Details
Three.jsfree (MIT)
3dwebglfree,Nov 18th 2015More Details
3dcloud-basedfreewebglsounds,Feb 4th 2016More Details
Turbulenzfree (MIT)
2d3dwebglsoundscollisionsphysicsdebugnetworking,Dec 22nd 2015More Details

lycheeJSfree (MIT)
2dsoundsdebuguinetworking,Nov 30th 2015More Details
melonJSfree (MIT)
2dsoundscollisionsphysicsfreemap-editor,Feb 3rd 2016More Details
Quintusfree (MIT)
jquery-like2dsoundsfree,Feb 2nd 2016More Details
Cocos2d-Xfree (MIT)
ios-likefree2dphysics,Apr 30th 2015More Details
WADEfree (varies)
2disometricmodularphysics,Aug 5th 2014More Details
Craftyfree (MIT)
free2dsoundscollisions,Nov 8th 2015More Details
LimeJSfree (Apache)
2dsoundsphysicsfree,Jun 1st 2015More Details
enchant.jsfree (MIT)
2dsoundscollisionsphysicswebglfree,Jan 4th 2016More Details
Isogenic Enginevaries
2disometricphysicspath-findingnetworking,Feb 24th 2014More Details
Panda.jsfree (MIT)
free2dwebglmobilephysicssoundsmodular,Feb 17th 2015More Details
GC DevKitfree (Mozilla)
2dmobile-firstsoundscollisionsphysicsdebug,Dec 17th 2015More Details
Kiwi.jsfree (MIT)
2dwebglphysicsfree,Nov 15th 2015More Details