I am a Node on the Edge because I cannot claim to have all the answers or a decade long history of experience but I can help to define questions to be solved. Hopefully their is a potential finite set of questions that allow most requirements be solved and my aim is define these with collaboration of the community.
It would be amazing if these questions developed into some kind of NP Complete space where they all referred to one question such in NP Complete Theory or Monty Pythons Holy Grail but that is/maybe asking too much?

Node on many Edges: PyData Conference London 2015

PyData London 2015  

Audience View + Generic Problems Solved

This is a blog page about the PyData Conference in London in 2015. I attended the Saturday and Sunday and very much enjoyed it gaining valueable suggestions and enlightments.  

This blog page is a view from the Audience. It was a conference packed with completed projects proving solutions to business analytics problems using an extensive range of technologies.

This blog is to help converge to generic problems and solutions. I have tried to highlight the technologies used and the generic problem solved in the hope that a set of generic problems can be identified and with many potential solutions.

 This should help users identify generic problems that are discissed and seem complete opposite.
This could help to find these generic problem from the ramblings of, for want of a total disparate phase, over excited non technical business analysts trying to define technical requirements.  It should give some potential generic problems being solved and solution implemented. It hopefully shall have a steady stream of examples. These could be nodes and similarities of these being edges with similar node closer together. Then similar problem would cluster and hopefully developing to one node when defined into generic problems with solutions. For more about this and to add to this see the others maybe starting at Node on a generic problem Edge: Page. Thank you in advance for viewing and hopefully add to this.

This page is about the view from the Audience which was packed with good advice. The potential success of this conference could be estimated from the difficulty in choosing which presentations to go to and realisation of having to miss one presentation over another. This was clear from many conversations about which presentation was attended. It was also evident from the many long in decisive and recurring views of the schedule. It was full of experiences and examples without technology marketing biases. It was value for the price with a squeeze in as much information, knowledge, experience, questions, answers and opinions as possible with limits on explanations of these to uninsuated. This could be compared to a padded out workshop which explans every small step and broadens out the workshop to include a very small amount of content and then charges a large price justified by the inflauted potential market. This conference, in comparison, is a conference about the experiences of industry professionals and the similar problems that are recurring throughout the sector. The padded out workshop maybe for entrants to this sector but this conference caters for entrants and expert equally well. It seems like this could be one of the main balances of this conference with the other being firstly the appeal to both the very technical and non technical; secondly maybe the from scratch or unite from available approach to development; the corporate developer or startup developer or consultant independent developer. These were well balanced with only exception being the appeal to non technical users. This was aprent when discussing why my boss would not like to join me to attending the conference to sit through tuning parameters for applications that he was not project managing but was glad not to spend the weekend with my boss as I am sure invoked a similar opinion not that it is not enjoyable during the week.    
It was overloaded with examples which can only support the progress of Python for data analysis. It was a conference of a community to share solutions. It did highlight the open source approach and give examples how these projects have given benefit with the potential for others implement them. It highlights the need for collaboration, strategy and steering in open source projects just by the pletheora of open source projects available for similar problems with the amount of open source projects used to solve one problem. This maybe causes excess problems in plugging these projects together which more collaboration could solve. The finding solutions and defining strategy to specific problems could allow less duplicate open source projects developed and more resource on other unsolved problems. The more dissemination of experience and examples can help open source project be better steered through know what is successfully implemented and all stakeholders meeting more often and collaborating.  
  This conference provided an exhaustive overview of examples, technologies and many other resources such as knowledge with exclusive glimses of projects. I have tried to give an overview of the presentation I attended and hope it is of a help.

It was well organised with everything running smoothly, clear aim of the conference and appeal to attend to many diverse attendees. I would just like to thank the organisers for this conference and all involved. I very much enjoyed attending, meeting and discussing with the attendees. Many congratulations to the organisers for a very enjoyable and informative conference.
Many Thanks Gordon

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