I am a Node on the Edge because I cannot claim to have all the answers or a decade long history of experience but I can help to define questions to be solved. Hopefully their is a potential finite set of questions that allow most requirements be solved and my aim is define these with collaboration of the community.
It would be amazing if these questions developed into some kind of NP Complete space where they all referred to one question such in NP Complete Theory or Monty Pythons Holy Grail but that is/maybe asking too much?

Tuesday 16 May 2017


There many forms of graphs. In the node and edge sense this is a graph where there are entities which hold data. These nodes could be represented in circles and there are edges which are association of node to another. These edges can be represent in lines from node to another one. At a networking event the node could be all the attendees and the edge detailing those attendee that meet each other and hold information of what they agreed. One can capture an active and rapid networking event in one representation. This makes a more in depth observation there are entities and association of them i.e there are Node and Edges. Everything can be a Node or an Edge although knowing when something is a Node or an Edge is skill in graph representation. An easy solution is to say nodes are things and edges are concepts. You can then put yourself in the picture. It become simple that everything you encounter is a Node and your association to it is a concept. You iPhone stand is a Node and the concept you own it the Edge. Being able to understand and represent this being we can have larger understanding of everything. It become much simpler largely because this is loosely how we represent our knowledge. There are many representation that can help many allow search for one concept and knowing everything that is associated with the concept. 

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